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Published March 6, 2019

The history has it that among the first schools to be built were actually initiated by the Catholics missionaries and also some protestant churches followed the process. This creation of schools had a major role in actually changing the world! Protestants, for instance, had a strong belief that education will really mould young people who will, in turn, grow to be the most responsible citizens, other were actually meant to be pastors while others were to serve as the state officials!

The Catholics are also so keen on the four fundamental rules where an individual is actually developed as a core practitioner of the Catholic faith. Catholic schools will actually need their teachers, students and even the leaders to focus on the rules associated with the church!

This distinct roles that the protestant churches and the Catholic churches are playing have really brought about a greater impact in the society!

Brought education to the less fortune

Notably, education was actually meant for certain people in society in the old days. Those originating from the royal families or the wealthy class was the only kind of people who were entitled to education!

The Reformation was initiated by the famous Protestants such as Martin Luther in who saw that education was necessary for all regardless of the status!

When this idea was launched, the less fortunate were able to get an education and at the end, they managed to educate the less fortunate! This brought about much understanding of the hidden ideas in the bible which may have served a lot to Cause more divisions in the protestant churches since everyone was entitled to his own understanding!

Catholics, on the other hand, are teaching only one key thing with restrictions hence forcing people to lie only on one side of doctrines.

Change of attitude

The building of schools by both the Catholics and the Protestants has led to attitude change in the minds of the scholars. The education being offered majorly concerns the faith and the explanations of some hard theological issues that concerns the bible!

This education has really changed the mind so many people in the way they see things and some even have resorted to quit the whole teaching s of both the Protestants and the Catholics and they have begun their own set of doctrines! It’s what schools have really done!

Led to religious reformation

Education has also brought about amazing religious reformations! Some doctrines that used to be strictly followed have been now left behind and the new teachings are now being inscribed in the minds of people. No wonder the church this days has different opinions on the factors such as the alcoholism and even polygamy!

It’s what education has really done since everyone will come with his own set of opinions according to how he/she understand s the bible which is the leading reference for both the Catholics and the protestants!

Reduced illiteracy levels

People are now very educated following the building of the schools by the protestants and the Catholics. They all believe that with education some issues will be sorted. In fact, Protestants have a strong belief that education will bring about more reforms since the bible was actually meant to inscribe some holiness in an individual! They believe that upon the strict observance is when you will get the defined faith that will actually lead you to the Holy City!

But for the Catholics, they are not so keen on the bible and they majorly believe on the defined message from the Holy Father pope! This is evidenced in the large record of books and essays that have been written in the research work! You can buy essays of this kind and get a real understanding of the effects of the schools that was really built by the Catholics and the Protestants.

To conclude, protestants and Catholic schools have really done a lot in reforming society and more is expected this religion proves to be dominant.